Stepping On training for Health Workers – helping to prevent falls

Health Workers from Broken Hill and Dareton will be sharing stories and challenging their balance as part of a training program with a focus on preventing falls.

Karen Lloyd, Stepping On Co-ordinator with the Far West and Western NSW Local Health Districts said the Stepping On program is a falls prevention program for community dwelling older people who have had a fall or have a fear of falling.

“Having a fall can have serious repercussions for not only an older person but for their families and carers as well. A fall can result in permanent disability, restriction of social activity, loss of confidence and fear of falling all of which reduce quality of life and independence,” she said.

Stepping On is an evidence based program to prevent falls by building participant knowledge, strength and confidence. Since its roll out across NSW in 2009, over 10,000 older people have attended a Stepping On program.”

Health Workers will take part in a range of activities and scenarios designed to give them the skills and confidence to deliver Stepping On programs in their communities.

“The training (starting Monday, 30 November) will be delivered by Megan Swan who is an Occupational Therapist and the co-author of Stepping On. Megan has extensive knowledge and experience in falls prevention and it is a fantastic opportunity for Health Workers to be able to learn from her” stated Karen.

If you would like to find out more about the Stepping On program in your community, please contact your local Community Health Centre or Hospital.


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