Stepping On welcoming new participants!

The Stepping On falls prevention program has been secured to run again throughout 2015 and is open to residents of Broken Hill wishing to reduce their risk of falls.

The Occupational Therapy department at the Broken Hill Health Service has been delivering the Stepping On falls prevention and education program for the last four years.

Stepping On aims to reduce the risk of falls in the home and in the community using a multidisciplinary approach including guest speakers, exercises and home visits. The program is for people who are 65 years and older who live at home, have had a fall recently or have a fear of falling and are willing and able to participate in an information sharing group.

Recent feedback about Stepping On has been extremely positive describing the information covered as most helpful and practical. Many participants added that they would recommend the program to others.

Ross Mawby, who attended one of the groups last year, commented on the presenters saying they were: “courteous, knowledgeable and presented the information in an easily assimilated manner. First class presenters”. He went on to describe the things he enjoyed most about the group: “It was practical, useful and encouraging. Encouraged one to face the future with confidence”.

“I have become more cautious in my movements and have endeavoured to put into practice what I have learnt,” said Ross of the changes he has made as a result of attending the Stepping On Program.

According to Health Statistics NSW, 25% of older people in 2009 fell at least once in the preceding 12 months. Among those who fell, 66% indicated they were injured as a result of their fall and 20% had to visit a hospital as a result of their fall.

Stepping On is an excellent opportunity for people to take control of their own wellbeing by learning what the risks are and equipping themselves with strategies to remain safe and healthy for as long as possible.

The free program runs for seven weeks, with each two-hour session covering numerous topics with speakers including various health professionals and other community agencies.

The first program for 2015 will start on Tuesday, 17 February at 10:30am – 12:30pm with morning tea being provided.

In total there will be four groups run throughout the year with alternate days and times being offered in order to reach a wider range of people.

Group 2 will commence on 30 April, Thursday at 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

Group 3 commences 14 July, Tuesday 10:30am – 12:30pm.

The final group for the year will commence 15 October, Thursday 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

People can join the program or refer someone, by contacting the Occupational Therapy Department on 08 8080 1337. People are encouraged to call if you have any questions or to list your name for a program this year.

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