Tips and tricks on preparing healthy school lunches and snacks

Do you dread preparing the daily school lunch box for your children and the afternoon pick up hearing your children complain ‘I hate salad in my sandwiches’ or ‘why can’t I have chips’ and ‘but Alex’s mum does it’?

There are simple tips and tricks to help you manage your food choices and Broken Hill Health Service is excited to have two student Dietitians who can share those with you.

Student Dietitians Tatiana Bedikian and Emily Lense from the University of Sydney along with the health service’s Dietetics Team will be delivering sessions about healthy food choices at the Broken Hill Community Health Centre on Monday 1st of April at 12pm and 4pm and Wednesday 3rd of April at 4pm.

“We are all so busy and life just gets in the way and we run out of ideas on what to prepare for dinner let alone what to pack for our children for lunch,” said Student Dietitian Tatiana.

“As we walk down the supermarket aisles, we are bombarded with so many different choices that selecting the healthier option can be a challenge,” she said.

These sessions hope to give some practical suggestions to navigate common family meal issues like school lunchboxes, being healthy on a budget and recipe modifications.

Student Dietitian Emily strongly believes that children require nutritious foods during their stage of rapid growth and development and that it is important to establish good habits at a young age, which can set them up for a healthy life.

“It can come down to having some creativity and simplifying lunchboxes into five sections,” she said. Emily recommends incorporating more fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and meats while providing packaged foods occasionally. Accredited Practising Dietitian from Broken Hill Health Services Tracy Herlihy and a mother of three, has found that making these small changes in the family meals and snacks, can lead to bigger health outcomes for all the family.

For more information about the sessions please contact the Community Healthy Centre reception on 08 8080 1100. You won’t want to miss out!



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