Tune In art exhibition winner announced

The Far West LHD is pleased to announce Jim Slater has been awarded the overall winner of the ‘Tune In’ Mental Health Month online art competition with his striking artwork titled ‘My Happy Place’.

The online visual art exhibition was held last year as part of Mental Health Month (October) under the theme ‘Tune In’ to help raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing in our communities.

Jim said in his entry that his artwork is a reminder of his childhood. “We lived on Muliungree Station and built fences like the one in the drawing with my Dad. We lived in shacks like this one and would walk around in the stinking heat in the sandhills – that was our backyard. During 2020 I have kept a positive mindset and deeply reflected on my childhood – I would go through it all again if I could.”

The other exhibition category award winners are: People’s Choice: ‘Untitled’ by Jane Talbot and Best Young Artist: ‘Untitled’ by Cody Scarce.

Sam Jessett, Consumer Engagement Coordinator, Mental Health Drug and Alcohol FWLHD, congratulated the winners and everyone who entered the competition.

“The works entered were awesome!” said Sam.

“We especially appreciated the words and comments accompanying the artworks from the artists, on what mental health and wellbeing meant to them. That was one of the main aims of the exhibition. We wanted everyone to take a moment and ‘tune in’ to their senses, their community and their mental health and wellbeing.

“Tuning in can help to still and focus your mind. It can help you understand what’s going on for you and others, and appreciate the impact mental wellbeing has in your life” said Sam.

“Tuning in also can help you find a new perspective, and it can help you reflect and be present. It can help build self-awareness, help make effective choices, reduce the impact of worry, and build positive connections. Lastly, tuning in to communities and the impact of mental health stigma can help ensure that people who need support have safe places to talk about their experiences and reach out.

“I sincerely thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and talents with us.

“Now that we are heading into 2021 please remember mental health isn’t just for mental health month, we can ‘Tune In’ to our mental health and wellbeing every day,” said Sam.

You can view the artworks on the FWLHD Mental Health Month Tune In Art Exhibition page at https://www.facebook.com/FWLHD-Mental-Health-Month-Tune-In-Art-Exhibition-101296788391799


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