Warning to IPTAAS clients – do not provide card details over the phone

The Broken Hill Health Service would like to inform the public that the IPTAAS (Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme) office located here does NOT request Medicare Card number details over the phone.

The local IPTAAS office has been informed of two recent incidents in which IPTAAS clients were contacted on the phone by an unknown person requesting they provide their Medicare Card number.

The local IPTAAS office does not request this information over the phone. People are advised if they are contacted by unknown persons requesting this information to either hang up or refer the caller to the local IPTAAS office at the Hospital.

The public are also reminded that the IPTAAS Office does not request bank details over the phone.

Any request from the IPTAAS office for information over the phone will accompany a claim previously made, of which details are already known by the office.


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