Water filling stations for households – ensure you use clean containers

With drought conditions affecting NSW some council areas are opening water filling points for households to collect water for domestic and stock use.

Drinking water from these filling stations complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and is safe to drink without further treatment.

People are advised that it is essential to collect water into clean containers to make sure it remains safe to use, said Priscilla Stanley, Manager Health Protection, Far West LHD.

Do not use containers that have previously held chemicals or fuel, she said.

Follow the steps below to ensure your water remains safe:

  • Use a suitable container that has not held hazardous substances.
  • If the container hasn’t been used for a while, rinse any hoses and taps, other fittings, and the inside of the tank with drinking water before filling.
  • Seal the tank and hoses to protect from contamination during transport.
  • Ideally, tanks should be cleaned before refilling. If cleaning is not possible, fill carefully to try not to stir sediment up from the base of the tank. If sediment has been stirred up and water appears dirty, speak with your Public Health Unit for advice

Contact your local Public Health Unit for advice on 1300 066 055 if you have already topped up your household tank and you are not sure of the quality.

For further information on the location of filling stations please contact your local council.



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