World Diabetes Day 2016

Free diabetes screening and information stall in Hospital foyer

The Far West Local Health District is urging everyone to keep ‘Eyes on Diabetes’ as part of World Diabetes Day (WDD) on Monday, 14 November.

The key messages for WDD under the theme ‘Eyes on Diabetes’ are:

  • Screening for type 2 diabetes is important to modify its course and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Screening for diabetes complications is an essential part of managing all types of diabetes.

Free diabetes screening will be offered to the public on Monday (14 November) in the Broken Hill Hospital foyer from 11am to 2pm. Diabetes Educator Karen Brewster and Community Dietitian Heidi Drenkhahn will be present to talk about diabetes screening and how to manage all types of diabetes.

“Many people live with type 2 diabetes for a long period of time without being aware of their condition,” said Ms Brewster. By the time of diagnosis, diabetes complications may already be present.

“This is why regular screening is so important,” she said. “It allows you to make changes to improve your health earlier.” Up to 70% of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented or delayed by adopting healthier lifestyles so the earlier risk factors are detected the better you can manage your risk.

If you’re concerned about developing Diabetes or if you want to ask questions about how to better manage your Diabetes, come long to the stall and talk with Karen and Heidi.

Facts on Diabetes:

  • Approximately 415 million adults have diabetes; by 2040 this will rise to 642 million
  • More than 9 million live births were affected by diabetes during pregnancy in 2015 – 1 in 7 births
  • Diabetes caused 5 million deaths in 2015; every six seconds a person dies from diabetes
  • Diabetes caused at least USD 673 billion dollars in health expenditure in 2015 –12% of total spending on adults


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