World Social Work Day 2020 – Stall at Broken Hill Hospital Foyer

Staff at NSW Health are running an information stall and engaging with the community on world social work day, 17th March 2020. World Social Work Day is when social workers are celebrated as champions for social justice, self-determination and human rights.

The theme for World Social Work Day 2020 is Promoting the importance of human relationships.

Social workers provide key supports to address the inequities of the world’s most vulnerable individuals, families and communities. They work in a wide range of areas, including mental health, family violence, child abuse, aged care, disability, housing, drug and alcohol, and in doing so, advocate for a fairer society. Social workers in Australia and the world over, make a positive difference.

In Broken Hill, FWLHD is hosting an event with the support of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Date:                            17/3/2020
Venue:                          Hospital Foyer
Time:                            0900-1500

Join us in Broken Hill to celebrate the contribution of social workers in our community.

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