Y Men’s donation to Broken Hill and District Cancer Care Network

The Y’s Men’s club of Broken Hill have donated $1,000 to the Broken Hill and District Community Cancer Network (BHDCCN) to enhance the experience of the many families affected by a diagnosis of cancer who must spend time in Adelaide as part of their treatment.

The money will be used to provide small ‘welcome packs’ for people staying at Flinders and Greenhill Lodges. These accommodation units are operated by the Cancer Council and are used by patients and carers while undergoing treatment at Adelaide Hospitals.

Sandra Turley Cancer Care Coordinator and Treasurer of the BHDCCN said: “The welcome packs will include food and other items which may assist people as they arrive at the accommodation when they may not know what is available, or when shops are closed”.

“Many people from the Far West visit these accommodation centres each year. Many are stressed as they undergo treatment as part of the cancer journey. The welcome packs will be just a small reminder that people at home wish them well’.

“We are very grateful to the Y Men’s Club for their generous donation and I’m sure that all the recipients will be as well,” said Ms Turley.

The BHDCCN raises money to provide assistance to people with a cancer diagnosis, and who may need some extra help covering out of pocket expenses not already covered by other systems.

The Y’s Men’s Club of Broken Hill has operated in the city for over 40 years. It raises money and provides support for local services and events that support Broken Hill people. In the last financial year the club made donations totalling $36,000. The club has for over 30 years also provided its merry-go- round at many local events; and the ‘Letters to Santa’ and ‘Breakfast with Santa’ programs. The Y’s Men’s Club can be contacted by speaking to Garry Halliday on 0431 630 322 or writing to PO Box 1179 Broken Hill.

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