It's very rewarding, it's a good lifestyle, living in the smaller communities. Quite often I've been known to knock off work at 5 O'clock, go out an camp on the river, throw in a line, cook a BBQ & sleep in the swag. In the morning, get up at 6 O'clock, drive into town, take a shower, head in to work and it's like you've been away for a long weekend...

It's wonderful, there's something to do every night of the week in Broken Hill. There are loads of clubs and plenty of pubs, restaurants, cafes and bistros. There's no rat race here...you don't even have rush hour. Rush hour would be a five car line up...how many places do you get that in!

It's the diversity of the case load that makes Broken Hill so unique...You get to do a bit of everything.

The Hospital is really supportive and if I need extra shifts, or if I need to swap shifts for study, they're really helpful.

The Health Service have been really supportive. The opportunities for attending conferences or workshops are limitless...So distance isn't a barrier when it comes to professional development.

I knew that I would gain an awful lot more invaluable experiences than I would have if had gone to a big hospital in the city.

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