Broken Hill

At A Glance

Population: Approximately 19,000

Attractions: Art Galleries, The Big Picture, The Living Desert, The Line of Lode Visitors Centre, Museums, National Parks, Mining History, Heritage Trails, Sculptures Symposium, Silverton, Daydream Mine.

Activities: Fishing, Golf, Sports, Hiking, Camping, River Tours,Swimming & Watersports, Museums.


Broken Hill is known for its thriving arts community, mining heritage and access to many outback adventures. Broken Hill is home to the world’s largest silver, lead and zinc deposit which has been mined for over 130 years. BHP started out here in 1885 after Charles Rasp pegged out a mining lease at a rocky outcrop known as 'the broken hill'.

These days, Broken Hill offers visitors mining tours, museums and heritage trails, as well as many other experiences. Many established artists work here, big-budget films have been shot in Broken Hill and in nearby Silverton. Eating out options are many and varied and it’s a great base for exploring the living desert as well as the stunning national parks nearby.

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