At A Glance

Population: Approximately 500

Attractions: Mungo National Park, Coomealla Golf Club, Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club, The Murray River.

Activities: Fishing, Golf, Sports, Hiking, Camping, River Tours,Swimming & Watersports, Paddle Steamer Cruises, House Boat Holidays


Dareton is located on the banks of the Murray River in the Sunraysia district. It is situated 25 km north-west of Mildura and was developed as a result of the World War II soldier settlement scheme.

Today, there are many farms and orchards in the area where you can buy local grapes, dried fruit and citrus straight from the farmgate.

Located close to both the Darling and Murray Rivers, there are plenty of good fishing spots for both Murray cod and golden perch. And if you like sports, you are well catered for with a wide variety of sports on offer. The golfing facilities located at the nearby Coomealla Golf Course are also excellent.

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